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[Wednesday, 01/04/2012 - 9:33PM]
let me toot my own horn for once!

i was recently hired at dogwood coffee. i make a living wage, i make awesome tips (compared to dbros, which was SHITTIPS), they have 8hr shifts, so i don't have to work 7 days a week just to get 30hrs. also, there are maybe actually NO RULES, which for me, is a little difficult to wrap my brain around, but also makes my brain feel SO GOOD. i forgot what it feels like to be hired at a job as an adult and then TREATED LIKE AN ADULT. it feels amazing. also, my barista skillz are growing exponentially each shift and i love that feeling. also, in 90ish days, i will have HEALTH INSURANCE, which is great because the insurance i'm on now (my parent's's's) runs out when i turn 26, in EXACTLY 8 MONTHS. also, pretty soon, they are opening a coffee bar in VENTURE NORTH, a north mpls bike shop geared towards women & children (more than the standerd brobikeshop of mpls) where i will work a few days a week in a tiny space with holly, the badasssss lady who got me this job / who i could talk to about vegan foodz with all day.

i have plans that have felt EONS away because of money issues and i feel like now i can actually make some things happen in the next five years. also, my parents have officially mostly stopped worrying about me because of the insurance thing.

i am also drinking a lot less, which feels good. i still love booze waaaay more than i probably should (drinking a 650ml cider right now and wishing i had a second one for the rest of my evening) but i also don't feel sad in the way i did appx 1.5 years ago when i just started drinking 6 tallboys a night, kind of out of nowhere.

i am also totally accidentally barely smoking anymore. it feels really strange, because i used to always say that smoking was my #1 vice and something that i never really wanted to quit. i still haven't QUIT in a real way - i smoke the occasional cigarette - i had 3 or 4 the other night at corrie & cedric's wedding reception - but that's nothing compared the 1/2-a-pack-ish (sometimes less, frequently more) a day i had been going through for the past ~6years.

some other things are weird, but not at all so weird i need to vent about them. i am just 7/8 drunk right now i feel super posi about what is going on in ~~*~*~**MaH wOrLd**~*~*~~

werking [Thursday, 05/06/2010 - 5:38PM]


desperation! [Wednesday, 02/17/2010 - 5:01PM]
kitten forever is going on a small east coast tour in mid-march with our bros, mc/vl. it's almost all booked, but we're having a lot of trouble with pennsylvania and ohio. do any of you lovely friends have any suggestions, ideas, or friends with suggestions or ideas that could help us out?

we will be in pennsylvania on march 14th and in ohio on march 19th. let me know if you can help or have any ideaaaaas!


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